Voices & Images

From people that wanted to share their experiences of ‘Form and Freedom’:

‘.. in my body the pain has changed from the worst thinkable to something I can live with….”
‘ I have discovered that the body is my own, that I do live in my ‘house’…’
‘ I can feel free in my dance … despite the oozing of pain in my body…’
‘ I feel the sun and the earth in me,’
‘ I feel fire from inside ..my solar plexus shines’…
‘ I am man between heaven and earth’,
‘ When I am at peace I feel the smell of frangipani – it soothes me,’


From: “The Nite’mare”
“Meeting the Shadow”
“Through Alpha”
“Morning Star”

(photos above from multimedia-productions  with Gunnar Bemert: www.gube.co.uk)


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