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Form & Freedom

Form & Freedom has developed many years of working in medical rehabilitation and realising that pain in the soul is as real and important to acknowledge as pain in the body. It is based on holistic approach of exploring the balance of body/mind/soul in focus:

  • increase awareness of the body and bodysignals
  • explore inner thoughts and feelings
  • living more present in the moment
  • open for the inner creative potential

Together these four concepts form an alchemical spiralformed therapyprocess. The goal is to ground the individual in the body, in an individual journey, starting from ‘wherever you are’ , where the sympotm ‘lives’ in the body/soul. Form & Freedom can develop a stable base from where new balance and ‘being’ in oneself can grow.

”Age ex corde , incipie et perficie.”
”Do it with your heart, begin and fulfill.”

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