About me

Charlotte Sjöström 

  • Lic. Physiotherapist-Specialist Mental Health
  • Lic. Psychotherapist, Aut. Supervisor
  • MCAT, BC-DMT Dance Movement Therapist
  • Jungian Psychoanalyst, DSAP, IAAP

Charlotte has experience in Medical Rehabilitation from Scandinavia, Middle East, North America, Africa, and Asia for more than 40 years.

She has development innovative treatment programs for individuals/groups in medical rehabilitation including: dance movement therapy for chronic pain, trauma-therapy, teenagers/ children with special needs, elderly with physical and/or mental challenges, anti-stress- therapy etc.

Charlotte is a Specialist in Mental Health Psychosomatic Physiotherapy, holds a Masterdegree in Creative Arts therapies- and is a licensed Psychotherapist and Supervisor in Psychotherapy. She has completed Marion Woodmans Leadership-training in ‘BodySoul Rhythms’ and is a Jungian Psychoanalyst DSAP/IAAP.

She has done extensive volunteer community work and has experience with involvement in devising/producing local projects for women’s health with WHO (Riyadh), and with environmental awareness day for UNEP (Nairobi). These experiences provided a means to connect with traditional medicine and philosophy, enriching methods of therapy and ensuring strong multicultural flexibility.


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