Psychotherapy/Analytical Psychology

Psychotherapy/Analytical Psychology

My focus: To integrate feelings and thoughts in the body för increased balance!

How we think, feel and experience ourselves in the body, will influence how we live our daily life. Through bodylanguage we communicate both conscious and unconscious aspects of ourselves that can be seen as metaphores for how we think, feel and relate.

The affects have a regulating function for humans. Strong feelings or emotinally loaded inner images can ‘change’ the chemistry in the body. For some people it is hard to put words on feelings or even to ‘live’ in the body.

Through dialogue, affect- bodyawareness techniques and creative therapies, it can be possible to find a new balance, ‘meet oneself’ and ‘just be’.


  • Long- Short term therapies, combination therapy in Mental Health
  • Individual Psychotherapy/Jungian Analysis, in person or online from private clinic Stockholm
  • Creative methods; Individual Supervision as per agreement

Psychotherapy/ Analysis: cost agreement


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