The story of change

In the beginning there was nothing…in that nothing there was something… From that something, change occurred a little bit at the time …

Since then there was always a bit of difference in everything in life and nothing was ever the same again…. People saw the changes in nature and in every plant and animal and understood the changes as the language of nature and therefore the language of God…’ The need for change is inborn in all living things and all things know when to change… People, plants, animals are representatives of this knowing which means that all living things know… but people are the only living thing that can think and reason… It is the inborn desire to know that helps us to overcome obstacles in life … that helps people find their reason…

Reason is explained by the yin/yang symbol. Yin/Yang are partners, similar but a bit different, and therefore two aspects of the same thing…. Reason exists within each person and is the combination of intuition and understanding. Each person is a representative of the reason of the universe… When you feel your intuition, your reasoning is activated….

It is important for people to study their own inner knowing – if they want to get a clear direction in life….It is the responsibility of each person, to find their personal reason in life…. If they do not follow their personal reason, they will create problems not only for themselves but for others too, as everything in life is connected…. If you communicate to others without reason…. you have a conflict and the ‘words’ do not solve the problem. The words then become weapons instead of tools for communication…. If you use a prescribed medicine for an illness without connecting to your own inner reasoning you will not be cured….

We need to accept ‘reason’ as part of ourselves, and the way to finding our purpose in life… Chaos occurs in people’s lives when they do not understand the need for renewal or change in their lives, when they don’t understand that change is necessary for their recovery… Chaos can therefore bee seen as a resistance to change … stagnation in the natural development. If people are stuck in a habit they go against the law of the universe and become passive…. The inner desire, the motivation to find our reason, is the changing agent that helps the person move on in life…

(Told to me by Mr Duc and Ms Liem, HCMC, Vietnam 2003)

The Story of Pan Gu

In the beginning the heavens and earth were one and everything was chaos. The universe was like a big black egg, carrying Pan Gu inside it. After 18 thousand years Pan Gu woke up from his long sleep. As he stretched his body the egg cracked open.

The clear part of the egg floated up and formed the heavens, and the denser part stayed below to form the earth. Pan Gu stood up in the middle, with his head touching the sky, and his feet planted on the earth. The heavens and the earth began to grow and Pan Gu grew along with them. Pan Gu stood on the earth and held up the heaven with his hands for another 18 thousand years.

When Pan Gu died, his breath became the wind and clouds, his voice the rolling thunder. One of his eyes became the sun and the other the moon. His body became five big mountains and his blood became the roaring water.

The stars in the sky were made from his hair and the flowers and trees from his skin …His tears became the rivers …and the fire in his eyes became the thunder and lightning ….The sweat from his body became the rain that nurtured all living things on earth. When he was happy the sun was shining and when he was angry black cloud gathered in the sky… The flees and lice from his body became the ancestors to man…

(The creation story of Pan Gu is in a book on Chinese myths written by Xu Zheng in the Three Kingdoms period (CE 220-265). Some opinions hold that it originated in south China or southeast Asia.)

The Story of the Rainmaker

“There was great drought. For months there had not been a drop of rain and the situation became catastrophic. The Catholics made processions, the Protestants made prayers and the Chinese burned joss-stick, and shot off guns to frighten away the demons of the drought, but with no result. Finally the Chinese said, “We will fetch the rainmaker.” And from another province a dried-up old man appeared. The only thing he had asked for was a quiet little house somewhere, and there he locked himself in for three days.

On the fourth day the clouds gathered and there was a great snow storm at the time of the year when no snow was expected, an unusual amount, and the town was so full of rumors about the wonderful rainmaker that Richard Wihelm went to ask the man how he did it. In true European fashion he said, “they call you the rainmaker, will you tell me how you made the snow?” And the little Chinese man said, “I did not make the snow, I am not responsible. ” “But what have you done these three days?” “Oh, I can explain that. I come from another country where things are in order. Here they are out of order, they are not as they should be by the ordinance of heaven. Therefore the whole country is not in Tao, and I also am not in the natural order of things because I am in a disordered country. So I had to wait three days until I was back in Tao and then naturally the rain came.

C.G.Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis pp 419-420


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