Articles & links

Articles, books & links of interest

  • Achterberg, J. Imagery in Healing, Shamanism and Modern Medicine.Shambala; Boston 1985.
  • Bartenieff,  I. Lewis D. Body Movement -Coping with the Environment. Gordon and Breach Publishers; 1980.
  • Blackmer J D. Acrobats of the Gods- Dance of Transformation. Inner City Books, Toronto Canada; 1989.
  • Bullington, J. Psykosomatik – Om kropp, Själ och Meningsskapande. 2007.
  • Chodorow, J. Dance Therapy and depth psychology The moving imagination. Routledge, NY,1991.
  • Damasio, A. Looking for Spinoza. Joy, Sorrow and the Feeling Brain. Harcourt Inc; 2003.
  • Dunlea, M. Bodydreaming in the Treatment of Developmental Trauma, An embodied Therapeutic Approach. Routeledge 2019.
  • KabatZinn,J. Full Catastrophe Living, How to cope with stress, pain and illness using mindfulness meditation. Piatkus, 1990.
  • Narby, J. The cosmic serpent , DNA and origins of knowledge. Jeremy P Tarcher/Putnam,NY;1999.
  • Rinpoche, T.W. Healing with Form, Energy and Light. Snow Lion Publications Boulder CO; 2002.
  • Rothschild, B. The Body Remembers- the psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma treatment. WW. Norton & Company Inc New York; 2000.
  • Tolle,E. The Power of Now. Namaste Publishing and New World Library , California,1999.
  • Woodman, M. & Dickson, E. Dancing in the Flames – The Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness. Vintage Canada; 1997.

Links of interest

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