Analytical Psychology

Analytical Psychology

To experience oneself from the concepts of Analytical Psychology is to get nearer to ones own inner ‘sacred space’. The space that we all have but maybe never find the time of day to explore.

For me this is the inner creative space where dreams are made, symbols come to life, lifenergy and the meaning of life emerges. You can say this is where the ‘soul lives’, the God aspect within man, the road to the Self, the ‘numinous’ experience that gives inner strength and reason.

To explore the ‘unlived’ shadowside of the personality, how the parental complexes influence our lives, how we experience the masculine and feminine negative and positive, anima/animus, energies of the psyche are all some of the aspects we explore within Jungian Psychoanalysis.


  • Long- Short term therapies, combination therapy in Mental Health
  • Individual Psychotherapy/Jungian Analysis, in person or online from private clinic Stockholm, or central Copenhagen DK.
  • Creative methods; Individual Supervision as per agreement Stockholm/Copenhagen.
  • BodySoul/Symbol bodywork – workshop (1-2 days) (indivudually/group) based on Jungian Analyst Marion Woodmans BodySoulRhythms & expressive creative art- dance/movement therapy.

Physiotherapy – Mental Health: according to county regulations for ‘highcost/ free-pass’ medical rehabilitation treatment
Psychotherapy/ Analysis: cost agreement


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