Form and Freedom

My concept of the body/mind/soul technique:

‘Form and Freedom’, combines Creative Arts Therapies with Psychosomatic Physiotherapy methods and Jungian oriented bodypsychotherapy techniques and consist of structured as well as spontaneous components. ‘Form and Freedom’ adapts to the individual need of the client in short or long-term body-psychotherapy for emotional distress, trauma or severe chronic pain.

‘Form and Freedom’ works with authentic movement, images, symbols and metaphors as the language of the bodysoul.  It opens up a new possibilities for the individual to experience the bodys way  in  relating to self and others. The embodied metaphor can become a tool for integrating the body-mind-emotion- existential aspects of the individual.

Form and Freedom for:

  • chronic pain
  • depression, anxiety
  • stress related onsets
  • trauma/crisis
  • relationship problems

Methods in Form and Freedom:

  • body-mind – emotion awareness techniques
  • creative  arts therapy modalities: dance/movement, art, sandplay,
  • dance/movement meditations
  • authentic movement, active imagination
  • relaxation/ visualization techniques
  • mindfulness


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